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The Youth Symphony is an auditioned music group drawing students, grades 7-12, from a 60 mile radius. This full symphonic orchestra is comprised of students in public, private and home school academic settings. The Youth Symphony plays challenging music and seeks highly motivated young musicians who enjoy music performance. The Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony accepts applicants based on their musical ability without regard to sex, race, religion, disability or national origin.

The Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization with an office in the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center. The Youth Symphony has a strong partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, which provides in-kind rehearsal and concert space. In addition, university music majors participate as section leaders. The Chippewa Valley Symphony (CVS) and the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra are also key community partners. Through this coalition of partners, we seek to promote music as an important and enduring art form and to create enriching musical opportunities that nurture the artistic talents of these young musicians.The Youth Symphony has a Board of Directors and utilizes university student interns to assist with office duties. Office hours may vary based on intern schedules.


Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony Conductors

John Stewart - 2018 - present

Eric Dasher - 2013 - 2018

Aurélien Pétillot - 2012 - 2013

Peter Haberman - 2010 - 2012

Eugene Power – 2006-2010

Ivar Lunde - 1980-2005

Our Core Values

* We value the excellence of our music instruction and mentoring.
* We encourage personal development, creativity, discipline, and collaboration.
* We seek to provide financial assistance through scholarships so no one is excluded on the basis of ability to pay.
* We aspire to a culture of fairness and mutual respect.
* We expect a strong commitment from all members of the CVYS team including musicians, staff, and volunteers.
* We encourage the important relationship between our musicians and their teachers, families, and audiences.
* We value quality performances at various venues including collaboration with acclaimed artists and ensembles.
* We strive to be an inclusive organization reflecting the diversity of the greater Chippewa Valley area.